June 21, 2022

When I was young, I’d often spend time with my grandparents at our family farm.  I enjoyed roaming freely and riding my pony, Midnight.  Grandma had a garden full of flowers (I thought it was the Garden of Eden), and she grew all their vegetables.  My brother, Fred, and I loved to gather eggs and help with other chores.  Grandma was a wonderful cook, so there were always great things to eat, too.  Our grandparents truly spoiled us each time we visited!

But one thing I disliked about those visits was the early morning prayer and devotional time.  My grandparents were strong believers, and they could read from the Bible for what seemed like hours.  Then they’d each pray while we were all in a kneeling position, so it seemed like an eternity.  They prayed for every person they knew, every situation they knew about, and the state of the world’s affairs.  By the time they finished, my knees were sore, and I was ready to get outside!

Looking back on those times, I realize what a gift I received from my grandparents in their absolute devotion and reliance upon God.  Each went through health troubles, and they’d lost a child in infancy, as well as an 18-year-old son.  However, they maintained faith that God would see them through every situation, and of course, He did!

Now that I have children and grandchildren of my own, I understand what this was about.  I find myself breathing prayers of gratitude to God, as well as asking for His help when things seem uncertain.  My daughters and others often text me with prayer requests, and I can’t describe how honored I am to be trusted to pray for and with them.

Someone once asked me, “If someone was sitting in a chair in your living room for days on end, would you walk right past them without saying anything to them?”  Of course, the answer was a resounding “no”!  Then they reminded me that God is in my home, my office, my car, and everywhere else I go.  He’s here, and He’s waiting for me (and you) to recognize His presence and commune with Him.  What a difference this has made in my prayer life!  God doesn’t want or need eloquent words.  He just wants our hearts – and kneeling is optional, for sure!

I’m so thankful that the creator of the universe hears every word, knows every thought, and loves us more than we can ever imagine.

– Susan Meharg, Assistant to Executive Pastors