September 26, 2019

September 26, 2019


One of my good friends and a parent in the children’s center has a saying, “They didn’t tell me this in the book ‘what to expect when you’re expecting.’” She’s has used this saying since her son was born – I’ve always had a giggle but didn’t know it would ring so true.


We’ve used the phrase to talk about hundreds of things- losing teeth to broken bones, but the phrase isn’t just a phrase- how many times we try to “expect” and plan out our expectations of what life and moments will look like.


As parents of babies we don’t expect acid reflux, fussy nights of teething, snotty noses, and spit up. As parents of toddlers we don’t expect tantrums, potty accidents when you’re out of clothes, and strong wills. Later, as parents of teens we don’t expect sneaking out, wrecked cars, and bad grades.


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a book that oriented us to all the things we might possibly expect? Or, would it create worries and anxieties over situations that may never come to fruition?


The Bible does not cover every possible situation that could happen, but it does give us peace in the midst of all of the crazy possibilities of life. When we read the story of God in the pages of the Bible we are reminded God is with us and cares for us as we live out life together.


-Mandi Moon, Director, St. Luke’s Children’s Center