January 10, 2019

“And the Word became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory as of a father’s only son, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14

Do you remember the first time you were at the top of a skyscraper? How about the first time you went to the top of a mountain? When was the last time you sat in the window seat of an airplane? How was the view? How far could you see? What did you see at the top that you could not see on the ground?

In the opening of John’s gospel, John quickly takes the reader from the ground floor to the observation deck. John wants us to see that Jesus is so much more that we can possibly see in just one encounter and from just one point of view. John is about to take us on a journey where we meet this amazing man, who walked from village to village, teaching, healing, and performing great sings and wonders. John wrote his Gospel to introduce us to Jesus. He wants us to know Him intimately. He also wants us to understand that a brief introduction will just not due. He is so much more than just the Jesus of our favorite Bible story. John understands that Jesus is the living word of God. He was with God when those amazing words, “Let there be Light” were spoken. He was with God as the birds and fish, the beasts and humans began to move across the planet. The Word of God, “became flesh and dwelt among us.” (1:14) The one who was there in the beginning also walked the sands of Israel with his disciples and spoke the many teachings that are found in the scriptures. He has been throughout history and He is with us today.

John takes us to the top floor, the top of the mountain, to the highest point he is able to, so that we are reminded that Jesus is far more than just a man who lived in the middle east some 2000 thousand years ago. He is the living word of God. He is God. He was there in the beginning. He is here now.

When we encounter Jesus throughout the gospels we find ourselves seeing the fullness of God and God’s creation in the light of His divine illumination. His life, “The true light which enlightens everyone,” helps us to see who we were designed to be in God’s great creation. As we read the Gospel of John, over the next several weeks at St. Luke’s, I am sure we will find that Jesus is more than we often allow ourselves to consider.

What are some words that come to your mind when you try to describe Jesus? What is one of your favorite stories about Jesus? Do you think there is more to Jesus than you have yet to discover?

Take some time this week, find a quiet moment and read the first chapter of John. And, I pray God continue to open our eyes to see His fullness more and more.

Rev. Keith King, Online Campus Pastor