August 6, 2020

“For the whole law is fulfilled in one word, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” – Galatians 5:14

I am blessed, blessed, BLESSED beyond words because I work at the church. While most are missing their church family, I get to see many of my church friends, almost every day. However, I talk with people weekly who are frustrated that we are not having in-person worship yet and they are feeling very lonely – and I understand, it has been very difficult.

When the shutdown first started, sweet Shayna Sims, a member of our family of faith, pledged to send me a note every week, and she has not failed to do so! That got me thinking that I should do the same thing. I tried to picture the people who sit around me on Sunday morning, and those who might really like to know that someone is thinking of them. Some I know and some I don’t. Some must open the card and think, “Who on earth is this?!?” Regardless, I keep sending notes until we can be back together, in person.

I have been blessed by my weekly card. I want to encourage you to be a blessing to someone and send them a card – it will be an even bigger blessing for you.

Linda Alden, Receptionist and Wedding Coordinator