August 4, 2017

This week we said “see you later” to our summer intern. Emiliano was with us through June and July and came to us from the Lydia Patterson Institute. Lydia Patterson is a Methodist preparatory school in El Paso, Texas that mostly serves students who are coming from across the border in Juarez, Mexico. They teach the students English and give them a good quality education to prepare them for college. They graduate about 95% of their students, and 98% of their graduates go on to attend colleges and universities across the United States.

On top of having incredible academics at Lydia Patterson, they also teach their students the importance of serving God and others through their Lay Ministry program. That was the reason Emiliano came to intern with us. The internship is the “final exam” of their lay ministry class where they put into practice what they have learned about serving God in the local church.

I can tell you that if we have more young leaders like Emiliano coming up in the Church, we will be in good hands! He was intelligent, talented, a hard worker, and had a great heart for helping others. I think he was supposed to come here to learn about serving the local church from us, but I’m certain I probably learned more about passionately serving and giving back to God from him than he ever learned from me. I hope you will join me in praying for Emiliano this week and all the other Lydia Patterson students as they prepare to go back to school and continue finding ways to serve God in their community. Hopefully we will see him back here in Oklahoma very soon!