October 8, 2017

This Sunday, we continued our study of the I AM statements using the book, The God We Can Know, with Rev. Brian Bakeman leading our class. He began by reading Genesis 1:1 and then asked for instances of big moments in the dark.

We watched Rev. Rob Fuquay’s video on “Knowing God’s Guidance.”  The video began at a Feast of Tabernacles where the Jewish people build small huts for the feast as a reminder of their time in the wilderness and that they are still a people on a journey. It was during this Feast that Jesus made the statement in John 8:12 “I AM the light of the world.” At the same time, the Sanhedrin was meeting in dark places to plot the death of Jesus.

After the video, Brian had several questions for us. Where are we journeying to? How do we decide on our stopping spot? What are the spiritual dangers when we think we’ve arrived? Where is God in our journey? How do we keep the positive excitement of moving forward? Regardless of where we are, God is with us during these changes.

Brian will be with us again next week to finish this study.

Written by: Sharon Selby