October 15, 2017

Rev. Brian Bakeman was with us this morning, continuing our study of the “I AM” statements using the book The God We Can Know.  Our attention today is on the “I AM the Bread of Life” statement (John 6:35).

Brian started class by asking what is the difference between being full and being satisfied. We watched Rev. Fuquay’s video that focused on “I AM the Bread of Life: Knowing God’s Satisfaction.” Jesus had fed the 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes but the disciples and the crowds were still asking for another miracle. Yesterday’s blessing was not enough, they needed more to be satisfied.

After watching the video, we talked about a couple of questions. How do we reach contentment and satisfaction? How do we keep our focus? How do we feed our spirituality? A great lesson and we’ll continue this study next week.

We missed Ed Holzberger being with us as he was in Houston with one of St. Luke’s mission groups.

Written by: Sharon Selby