October 1, 2017

In our fourth lesson on Richard Rohr’s Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation, we considered whether vulnerability could be the key to continued spiritual growth.

Our spiritual lives are part of a flow, Rohr says. There is risk in the current. However, as the flow among Father. Son and Holy Spirit flows over us, it allows us to entertain a more mature faith than we held when we were younger.

While some see vulnerability as weakness, Rohr believes that God’s “weakness” is more powerful than human strength. This vulnerability is about letting go, not holding on to what we believed before. We must step out and allow the spirit to flow over us and direct us.

We may not always head in the right direction. But Rohr believes that we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. Our errors help us grow in both our earthly and spiritual lives.

God is about diversity. Rohr says, while some denominations stress conformity and uniformity. Rohr contends that the threefold nature of the Trinity itself indicates diversity. The same is true of God’s creation.

Questions of diversity also challenge Christian denominations, including our own. Whether to accept certain concepts, such as gay marriage, is under debate among many faith groups.

Written by: Marie Price