October 13, 2017

“Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.” –Psalm 37:3

My schedule seems to keep me always on the go. I move from one event to the next and from one task to the next. Work, school, dance and church are just a few of the things that fill the slots on our family calendar. With all this busy-ness, I look forward to special days when my family has time together with no outside events planned.

Recently, I had committed to going on one of our St. Luke’s Mission trips to Houston. We were going to help with the disaster recovery after Hurricane Harvey. The trip was going to last just a few days. I wanted to go. I was excited to go, but as the trip edged closer, the thought of all I needed to do at home and work gave me great hesitation about going!

I went home that evening and told my wife, Aimee, “Maybe I just shouldn’t go this weekend.” She quickly told me, “No. You need to go.” After 16 years of marriage, I have learned to trust her advice. I set aside my desire to stay home and left with the St. Luke’s Mission Team.

I must admit that my wife, was right. Our team’s time in Houston was time well spent! We helped several people work on recovering their homes, and shared the love of Christ with them. I also had a chance to get to connect with people from our church. Although we worked hard, I found the trip to be peaceful, and almost restful. The work we accomplished, and the experiences we had, brought much needed joy to my soul.

My recent trip reminded me that we will never regret the choice to serve. Giving of our time and energy to help others brings joy.   We are able to see beyond the busy-ness of our own lives and we have the honor of sharing and serving our brothers and sisters in Christ.


Rev. Keith King, Online Campus Pastor