November 17, 2017

Last Thursday evening I had an opportunity to attend an awards banquet for the Oklahoma Conference of Churches. I was there in support of our Senior Pastor, Dr. Long, who was receiving the Distinguished Ecumenist Award for his ecumenical work across all denominations and faith traditions. It was a great time to celebrate the work that the Oklahoma Conference of Churches does to bring groups together and promote a message of love and kindness.

I came away from the evening feeling very proud of the OCC, but also proud to work for a senior pastor who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. As people of faith we are called to not just talk about showing love and kindness to others, but we are meant to actively live that out every day.

It was a powerful site to look around a packed room full of hundreds of people who come from all different churches, denominations, traditions, and even other countries to support a common goal. It served as a witness to me that by showing love and kindness and looking for the things we have in common, rather than what separates us, we are a lot stronger together than we could ever be apart. It does not deny that there are some differences, but instead we can choose to focus on what we can accomplish together for God’s Kingdom.

On this Casual Friday I hope you’ll take the time to see an opportunity around you to show kindness and love to someone who may appear different from you. Whether it be political, theological, racial, cultural, or any other difference, take the time to find what you have in common and talk about how you can work together towards a common goal. My guess is you will brighten their day, and your life will be enriched by it as well!