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Giving back is an important part of our spiritual relationship with God. This year we intend to continue Growing Our Story by raising the funding to grow several areas of our church. Prior to making a pledge, it is our prayer that you would approach this decision with thoughtful consideration and prayer. Thank you for supporting St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.

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"When you support these projects with your financial gifts, it is an investment, not in a building, but in transforming the lives of the people who will use it; a payout higher than any other investment. Thank you for all of your contributions in both service and financial resources. Your sacrifices today are “growing our story” for generations to come!"

Dr. Bob Long
Senior Pastor

Edmond Capital Campaign


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Edmond Capital Campaign

Prayer Devotional

A devotional created with the hope that everyone set aside just a few moments each day to pray for the Church.







When we invest in a space for our Youth, we create a place for them call home, to grow in their faith, and to invite their friends to become a part of St. Luke’s Edmond.






We have a responsibility to be good stewards of the gifts that have been given to us. Resources are meant for ministry and mission and that is what we are committed to do at St. Luke’s Edmond.





We’ve more than doubled in size since the opening of our building, that’s why we’re already dreaming of adding a sanctuary on the East side of the property. The more people we can bring through the doors, the more people we can help to bring closer to God.




We already have hundreds of people every week who worship with our Downtown Campus from all over the world. Now, we have the opportunity to be able to live stream Edmond worship services as well. There is also a need to upgrade our AV booth for better sound and lighting to make the worship experience that much more beautiful each time we gather in the Worship Center.


We are growing our story at St. Luke’s Edmond, quicker than we ever thought possible! As we build on the legacy of St. Luke’s that started 128 years ago, we are limited only by our imagination as we continually look for new ways to share God’s love.
To keep up with the rapid growth at St. Luke’s Edmond, we are launching this campaign to raise funds for a number of projects that will make such a difference in how we carry out our growing ministries. Unlike the annual stewardship campaign that funds ministry, programming and operations, this capital campaign will specifically fund expansion of the St. Luke’s Edmond building. You can scroll to see a list of the projects!
As good stewards of the financial gifts we receive, through God’s provision and the sacrifices so many people make to support the growth of this church, the projects of this campaign will only begin once we have the cash available to do so.

Paying down the principal on the note for the initial building project would reduce the debt to free up operating funds for mission and ministry and also move us closer to the next phase of building additions.

$200,000 (20% of all funds raised will go to pay down debt on the building)

PORTABLE BUILDINGS (youth, adult discipleship, St. Luke’s Music Academy)
Currently, the youth of St. Luke’s Edmond squeeze into a preschool classroom, each week. Dedicated space will be such a gift and is so critical for this growing ministry. Portable buildings have come a long way and will be a great solution for providing additional space for both the growing youth ministry as well as music ministries, adult discipleship and the St. Luke’s Music Academy.
A permanent sound booth in the back of the Worship Center will not only enhance the beauty of the room for worship, but will also create a more functional space for audio and video. This upgrade would also fund new A/V technology that will allow us to livestream the Edmond worship service!
Additional parking and chairs will accommodate more guests and members, particularly for special events and holidays like Christmas Eve, Easter and Fall Festival.
To ensure our facilities remain beautiful for years to come, we would like to establish a fund for Edmond building projects within the St. Luke’s Foundation. This would allow for contributions to be dedicated, specifically, for the care of our facilities and ongoing maintenance, a critical part to building a church that will remain for generations to come. 
We were able to create and fill an additional worship service on the first Sunday in the new building.  Having additional worship space in the future will provide more opportunities for people to come and know the love of God.  Working with architects from ADG will allow us to take the first step toward planning a future sanctuary for worship. The team will begin to create conceptual drawings and designs for our future sanctuary, columbarium, classrooms, and offices
In the first phase of building St. Luke’s Edmond, we had a dream to eventually add an outdoor courtyard as a place for both connection and reflection and we think it’s time to bring this to life! We envision an inviting, beautiful, yet functional space outdoors that could be used for events and weddings as well as a unique meeting place for community groups.
St. Luke’s Edmond could provide more opportunities in our children and youth ministries with the addition of passenger vans. Purchasing these vans would allow us to pick children up from school for activities and could also provide the flexibility to provide transportation to worship on Sunday from nursing homes, etc.
We want St. Luke’s Edmond to be a place that reflects the beauty of God and inspires all who enter the space. Beautiful art inside the building, around the campus walking trails, gardens and courtyards would create a feeling of inspiration and warmth.

CAMPAIGN GOAL: $1,000,000