St. Luke’s @ Home

The St. Luke’s @ Home Ministry is designed to keep our members at home connected with the church when they are unable to attend our worship services.

Imagine being confined to your home day after day, unable to leave for even the simplest errand. Many of our elderly share this fate. Even worse, they no longer have any contact with their church family. Many of our church members are limited by age, disability, or illness and no longer have the ability to participate in the ongoing life of St. Luke’s. They need someone to keep them connected to the church they love.

Showing our love and concern for our members confined to home, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, our volunteers and staff minister to these members by making personal visits or sending notes or cards each month.

Would you be willing to become a part of this amazing ministry by becoming a volunteer visitor and/or a note writer, spending time each month easing the loneliness of another? A caring card or note, reading a scripture passage or simply holding the hand of another can be such a blessing to someone in need.

How You Can Help

No special skills or talents are required just a loving and kind spirit, a servant heart and a desire to work with older adults.

The commitment to minister to a homebound member is one year. You are assigned to visit your assigned homebound member once each month. If for some reason you are unable to visit with your member during the year, you may contact the coordinator and a substitute will fill in for you.

At the end of each year, you will be asked if you wish to continue, shift your commitment to the substitute list, or step back from this ministry. You also may step down at any time during this year if you desire.

What do Visitors Do?

  • Personal Visit-once a month (a typical visit is 30 minutes to one hour)
    • Listen to them
    • Have conversation
    • Read a scripture
    • Pray
    • Share your faith
    • May take a small gift, like candy, bookmark, etc.
    • Report visits and needs they may have to your Volunteer Coordinator of Visitation
  • Phone Calls-twice a month
    • Have a conversation
  • Send Cards- for special occasions (Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday)

We often need substitutes to serve in our visitor’s ministry. You would fill in when our regular visitor is unable to visit his/her homebound member. If your schedule is unpredictable but you still wish to participate in this essential ministry, we welcome you to serve as a substitute.