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Addiction affects nearly every family in some way. Complex and arduous, the journey to recovery is often a long one. The church is called to be a safe place to start the conversation about recovery with individuals and families in need. Faith Partners Ministry is a link between the St. Luke’s Family of Faith and recovery resources in the community.

When you contact the Faith Partners Ministry, you can expect confidentiality, acceptance, guidance, education, and referral support for individuals and families touched by all forms of addiction disease, including but not limited to: alcoholism, drug dependency, gambling, food, sex and relationships, and pornography.

With a network of volunteers offering guidance in many areas of addiction, Faith Partners can help you find acceptance and compassion within the walls of the church and outside help like 12-step programs, local counselors and therapists, and treatment facilities to take the next step in recovery.

The Addiction Ministry Scholarship

Started in 2017, the Addiction Ministry Scholarship Fund was established to raise money that can then be distributed to those in recovery from addiction who are seeking to build a new future through higher education. The fund is designed to support annual awards to recovering addicts for years to come. Anyone is welcome to contribute with their gift to support those in recovery seeking a bright future.

The first scholarships will be awarded for the upcoming 2019-2020 academic year. There are two $500 scholarship available that will be paid directly to the institution of higher education in which the student is enrolled. All who are in recovery are invited to apply for this scholarship. The deadline is April 30, 2019. Award recipient(s) will be selected by a small committee.


For more information about the scholarship application process or the scholarship fund, contact Beth Armstrong at 609-1045 or This scholarship was created in memory of Tori Goodfellow, Beth’s twin sister.



Founded in 1995 by religious leaders seeking ways to mobilize faith communities’ resources to address alcohol and drug dependency issues, Faith Partners is a 501c3 non-profit headquartered in Austin, Texas with chapters all around the United States. Faith Partners groups use a Congregational Team Model in 23 states, representing 19 different faith traditions. Knowing that an addiction ministry is more than just important – it’s vital – to the spiritual health of our congregation, St. Luke’s started a local Faith Partners ministry in 2013.

St. Luke’s Faith Partners

The Faith Partners Ministry serves those seeking recovery from addiction, as well as their families and friends, with compassion and care. This ministry spans across all of St. Luke’s Campuses: Downtown, Edmond, Asbury, and Online.

Ministry Team

The Faith Partners Ministry Team consists of volunteers and staff serving as Recovery Advocates and Support Team Members. Some have been touched by addiction and experienced the transformation that comes from the healing and recovery process. Others are caring individuals who desire to share God’s love and bring hope to those in need by helping to connect those affected by addiction with resources in the community that can help them on the path to recovery. Volunteers also act as care leaders, reminding those afflicted and affected that they are loved by God and by their family of faith.

How You Can Help


Faith Partner volunteers can serve in one of two capacities: as a Recovery Advocate or as a Faith Partners Support Team member. The team meets each month for leadership training, resource and idea exchanges, to address the needs of those who have asked for help, and to build team unity.

Support Team Members act as a resource link to groups and organizations in the community that help address recovery needs. When someone who needs help is looking for guidance, the team member offers expertise by pointing them in the right direction.

Recovery Advocates become more involved in the faith journey of those the team are caring for, by calling or mailing cards to check in on people after their referral(s). Also encouraging them to continue in their faith journey with worship, and reminding them that they are accepted and welcome at St. Luke’s.

All Faith Partners volunteers make a difference through promoting the ministry, recruiting new volunteers, and praying for the ministry and those involved with it. You do not need to be an expert to volunteer.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact for our next
meeting date.


Faith Partners seeks to help those looking for the trailhead on the road to recovery. It also seeks to educate and help prevent this disease from spreading. Money given to the Faith Partners or to the overall Addiction Ministry at St. Luke’s go toward continued promotion of the services Faith Partners offers, additional training and education for volunteers, as well as community education and outreach. Your gifts make a difference!


We know that addiction affects nearly every family in our family of faith. It might affect your family, or the friends who sit next to you during Sunday morning worship. We can’t help those craving a change unless we know they need the help. Encourage your friends and family to use the Faith Partners Ministry when they or someone they love are in need. Support and promote the ministry through word of mouth and be an encourager to those in need.

Learn More

If you are interested in volunteering, consider coming to a meeting to learn more about how Faith Partners works and the leaders will help you get connected.

For more information about Faith Partners call (405) 609-1045 or email

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Many of us know how much suffering is caused by an addiction. People can feel trapped and don’t know where to turn – or they feel too ashamed to ask for help. That’s where Faith Partners steps in. You can help as a volunteer. You can help someone break free from the paralyzing grip of addiction. Our next meeting will be held on February 28 at 5:30 p.m. at the St. Luke’s Edmond Campus.