Julie Robinson

Executive Director



Studio 222 is an after-school program that helps children develop a strong, healthy self-esteem and resilience against at-risk behaviors. This mission invites professional artists from the OKC area to provide a positive environment in which children can gain confidence and be inspired to express themselves through art.

Studio 222 began in 2004, focusing on middle school youth of Taft Middle School. In 2010, a high school program was added to help students through mentoring, internships, college preparation, and life skills.

The program runs Monday through Thursday during the school year. The students are fed a meal upon arrival – sometimes the only meal they have all day. They are given a brief lesson or activity on leadership. Monday through Wednesday, professional artists from our community are hired to teach the students everything from photography to painting to computer animation to the culinary arts. Thursdays are spent on field trips, movies, community service, games, and more.

Donations to Studio 222 go completely to support its programming. While Studio 222 is facilitated by St. Luke’s United Methodist Church through use of buses, facilities, utilities, and missional offerings – 100 percent of the programming costs of Studio 222 are raised through individual donations, corporate donations, fundraisers, and grants.

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