February 15, 2017

Currently we are in the middle of the sermon series, “Music that Changed the World”.  It has generated a lot of discussion as to what particular music changed the world and in what way.  I am sure everyone has their own list – especially in regard to how their life was changed by music.  I can think of several pieces of music that had an impact on my world.  When I think back to my apparently superstitious junior high days, I felt that the song, “Sad Eyes” by Robert John was one that you never wanted to dance to because it would cause the relationship to break up.  (It is interesting to note that I was never in a relationship at a junior high school dance so maybe it had a “preemptive” shadow on my prospects…)  Another song that was very powerful to me was the John Williams soundtrack to the movie “Jaws”.  It was this music that really gave the movie the suspense it needed when the shark wasn’t really revealed till halfway through – and I still hear that “Duh, dunt” sound when I go to the ocean.  Church hymns have always resonated with me and I can still remember how my Grandpa Doles’ worship experience was directly tied to the number of hymns that were familiar to him.  Hearing our National Anthem has always been special and I had the honor of being in Russia on New Year’s Day a few years back when they stood to sing their national anthem.  It was full of passion and a history of loss and triumph; I didn’t understand the words but I recognized the feeling and I couldn’t help but weep at the love they sang for their own country.  I have loved Christmas carols, laughed at the folk songs my Grandpa would sing, and cried over pieces like Liebestraum No. 3.  But could I really name one top song that changed my life more than any other?  I don’t know that I can.  There are so many types of music that have had an affect on me.  I think that the best thing to say is that music itself has been a wonderful blessing that has changed me.  I am a better person because of the gift of music to the world.  I give thanks today for all the gifted musicians, composers, singers who have made a difference throughout history.

So how bout you – are there special songs that have changed your world?  Share them below!