November 8, 2016

Election Day is finally here and I have just three things I want to share with you. 3 things that each of us can commit to doing to continue to  make a positive difference, regardless of who becomes our next President of the United States of America.

#1: Show Respect

You and I have to choose to make a commitment to show respect to all people, to operate from a fundamental belief that everybody is a child of God and that even though people may think, look and believe differently, we choose to treat them with respect because we believe everybody is a child of God. We believe all people should be treated with respect even if they are different, whether they are Jewish or Muslim, whether they are black or white or brown or red, whether we are gay or straight, whether a legal immigrant or an illegal immigrant, we may disagree about things and there may be issues to work through but everybody is a child of God and deserves fundamentally to be treated with a sense of respect. It is who we are and what we commit to do as followers of Christ.

#2: Live Out Our Values

We have to make a commitment to accept the responsibility to live out our values. Jesus commanded us to Love one another as I have loved you. You and I may receive pressure, but we must live our value of  sharing God’s love and bringing hope to the world.  Because we have been loved by Christ, we are called to go love other people. We cannot change the world and I cannot get everybody else to act the way I want them to act, but I can take responsibility for how I act, to accept responsibility that I will choose to do something kind, to love others because I’ve been loved by Christ.

#3: You Decide.

You get to choose what it looks like for you to take responsibility and do something. You and I must make a commitment and be responsible to live our values, to let God use us to do something kind and good in the world in spite of all the garbage that may be handed to us, we’ve got to make something out of it.  And only you can decide what that something is.