April 14, 2017

God has so many surprises in store for us. In the darkest of nights, a single ray of light often shines for us, illuminating a path forward. When you and I have the courage to not quit or give up, He will lead us into a new and full life, a resurrected life. Just three things I want to share with you.

First of all, I’ve been thinking about that very first Easter morning from the perspective of the Disciples. Can you imagine? The Disciples had been with Jesus and promised Him, “We’re going to be with you, we’ll never desert you,” and before that Thursday night was over, they had run away, denied knowing Him. We know Peter denied knowing Him three times.  I imagine they must have panicked when they heard the message, “He is Risen! Go tell my Disciples that I want to see them in Galilee where I told them.” What must have been going through their minds? Peter must have been thinking, “I’m so thrilled He’s alive; but oh no, I’ve got to go see him, what is He going to say?” We have all found ourselves in a similar position! I especially remember being a child, knowing when my parents had found out I’d done something wrong and I would have to face them. The last thing the Disciples would have expected to receive was a message about mercy, but that is exactly what happened.

Second, when the women discovered Jesus was alive, it changed everything! If you’re made in the image of God and you discover that He lives, then it means you too, will live with Him.  The thing your Creator desires is to be in relationship with you, now and forever.  It is the promise.  You’re more than a body.  You’re a soul, a personality, the very thing you work to develop and create throughout all of your lifetime.

And third, this Easter Sunday, April 16 will be the fourth anniversary of my mother’s death. I was very close to my mom.  She had such a great impact on my life.  Mom had Alzheimer’s for a number of years and the last couple of years we were not able to talk.  She could not communicate.  But April 16, 2013 Marsha and I were there in Houston sitting beside her bed, holding her hand when she died.  It was one of the most spiritual, special moments in my life.  The strange thing is I hadn’t been able to talk to Mom in several years and yet now that she’s gone I find myself missing her more than ever before.  I’m always thinking of things that I want to share with her and things I’d like to tell her. It has left me thinking more and more about how much I really do want to see her in Heaven. There are special people there that I want to see, my dad, my best friend Scott and so many others. There’s that part of me that goes, it’s my faith, I know we are more than a body, I will see God, I will know my loved ones, and then there’s also that part of your brain that starts going, really?  That scientific part of your brain that says how does it happen?  How does that work?  And so sometimes you find yourself struggling between what I think rationally and that expression of faith that just seems to resonate with your soul, the Good News, that you will live.

The message of Easter with all of the mystery, resonates with our soul because from the beginning you are made in the image of God.  You were made to be in relationship with God and it’s why He offers His mercy to us. Mercy gives us joy until we experience the ultimate joy of being with our Creator and those we love in Heaven.  It’s why the message of Easter resonates with us, because we know it is true when we hear the Good News:  He IS Risen!

If you are looking for a place to worship and have a meaningful Easter, I hope you will join us at St. Luke’s this Easter Sunday!
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