December 20, 2016

There is so much inspiration we can draw upon, leading up to the birth of Jesus. After learning that she has become pregnant, Mary goes to see her cousin Elizabeth. She provides Mary with incredible encouragement and kindness. Elizabeth’s words were exactly what Mary needed in this pivotal moment in her life. Mary was able to draw strength from her words. God used Elizabeth to encourage Mary and I believe he still uses us today to encourage people in our lives. Today, I want to share just three things to inspire you to help others.

#1: God calls each of us, just as he did Elizabeth! Wherever you live, whatever you do, God can use you.  Is there somebody in your work, somebody in your family, somebody in your neighborhood who seems so lonely?  You need to give them a word of of hope.  Is there someone you know who needs to feel loved?  Is there someone who’s barely hanging on who needs a word of encouragement? God can use you as the person who shares His love and brings hope in this world.  You are called to help others be the person God created them to be.

#2: When you make the decision to trust in God,  you can’t help but notice other people in a whole new way.  Even when you’re in a moment of great need and struggle, you still see other people.  Every day in so many ways, we have individual and community groups at St. Luke’s who are paying attention to the needs of others and reaching out to help.
The fascinating thing is if you decide you want to bless others you will start to see God in the face of others.

#3: We live in a busy world and serving others is something we do, not because we’re bored or have time on their hands,but because we are people who live out of a spirit of gratitude, because of our faith in Christ and how our lives have been blessed, we can see
the need of people and that’s why we do it.   I’d like to encourage you to help others, but not out of a sense of guilt or obligation, but rather, I hope you will do this out of a spirit of gratitude, trusting in God’s compassion and care.  I hope you will look for ways to encourage and help someone because you see a need and want to bless life, to share God’s love and bring hope to the world. When you see others you’ll see God in the faces of those you help.