November 4, 2016

They heard God’s call. They denounced pious corruption. They brought hope to millions.

Martin Luther and John Wesley were “game changers.” They changed the world forever with their faith.

Imagine walking in their footsteps, seeing the world from their perspective. You will have the chance to do that in 2017, as part of St. Luke’s “Reformation and Wesley Heritage Tour.”

From September 1-13, Dr. Bob and Marsha Long and Rev. Wendy Lambert will host a group that will travel to Germany to see where Martin Luther’s 16th century Protestant Reformation began – and to England to experience John Wesley’s 18th century founding of the Methodist Church. The group will also visit WWII sites in Germany and have time to tour London.

Along with other pastors, Bob and Marsha took a chronological tour of Wesley’s life on a trip to England last year.

“We never dreamed it would be as meaningful as it was, and we were touched by all of the history,” Marsha said. “On the way home, we both said how special it would be to bring this opportunity back to St. Luke’s.”

Luther’s Reformation began in Germany when he protested the corruption emanating from Rome in 1517. The St. Luke’s Reformation and Wesley Heritage Tour will take place during the 500th anniversary of the upheaval that splintered Catholic Europe.

“We felt like it was very important to try to seize that moment, and that’s why we chose to go ahead and schedule this trip in 2017,” Marsha said. “(The tour group) can expect having their hearts and lives touched by this heritage, as well as the knowledge of expecting to meet new friends and bond with people they might not know in the church.”

For 50 years, Wesley traveled 250,000 miles on horseback, preaching over 40,000 sermons. At age 71, he took on fighting against slavery, insisting it was wrong. As Bob wrote following last year’s trip, “Before (Wesley) died at the age of 88, his loved ones gathered around him when he uttered these words, ‘best of all is, God is with us.’ He then offered a prayer for the church and the king and then repeated, ‘best of all is, God is with us.’”

“To realize all the things that (Luther and Wesley) did on our behalf so many years ago, we’re grateful for them,” Marsha said, “and we’re grateful for the fact that we’re Methodists.”

September 1 – 13, 2017

This one of a kind tour will take you to Germany to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther at the beginning of the protestant reformation. Then travel to England to follow the footsteps of John Wesley. Dr. Bob and Marsha Long and Rev. Wendy Lambert will host the trip in conjunction with Educational Opportunities. Starting at $5,298 Learn more at this trip by contacting Rev. Wendy Lambert via email.

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Here is the Itinerary

September 1 – Depart USA
Depart on your international overnight flight to Frankfurt.

September 2 – Arrive in Germany
Arrive this morning in Frankfurt, where our representative will greet you and escort you to your bus. Travel to Eisenach where Martin Luther lived during his student days. Learn about Luther’s life and the Reformation at the Luther House Museum, and tour the famous Wartburg Castle, where Luther translated the New Testament into German in 1522. View the room where Luther completed his translation in just 11 weeks. Travel to Erfurt to check into your area hotel for dinner and overnight.

September 3 – Erfurt and Buchenwald
Erfurt was called the “city of spires” in Luther’s day. Visit St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Augustinian Monastery, where Luther was ordained into the priesthood in 1507. Travel to the concentration camp of Buchenwald where Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German Lutheran pastor and theologian, was held prisoner along with hundreds of thousands. Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

September 4 – Halle and Leipzig
Start the day in Halle, where Luther supported the Market Church constructed here. Later, George Handel would be baptized here in 1685. Cardinal Albert of Mainz precipitated the onset of the Reformation through his sale of indulgences and the Protestants in Halle bought him out of his position. Travel to Leipzig, here you’ll walk to St. Thomas Church where Luther preached and Bach served as cantor and choir director. It contains a large stained glass window depicting Luther with his translation of the Bible. See also the Neues Rathaus, the city hall built over the castle where Johann Eck and Martin Luther debated in 1519.

September 5 – Wittenberg
This morning, wander the town of Wittenberg, where Luther lived and taught for 36 years. See where he posted his 95 Theses on the Castle Church door, giving voice to the Reformation. Visit Schlosskirche, where Luther was buried, and explore Luther Halle, a former monastery where Martin lived with his family. September 6 – Berlin
This morning take a tour of Berlin. You visit sites such as the Brandenburg Gate and the rebuilt Reichstag, whose transparent dome represents the open government of the nation. Pass the ruins of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche, left as a poignant reminder of what was lost in the Second World War and stop at a section of the Berlin Wall, a stark testimony to the once divided city. Take a photo at Checkpoint Charlie, the infamous crossing point from East to West Berlin during the Cold War Era.

September 7 – York
Visit York Minster Cathedral before enjoying free time this afternoon to explore York on your own. Consider a walk around the city walls, built on Roman era foundations, for an excellent view of the city, or visit the York Castle Museum and the JORVIK Viking Centre for a look through the history of York.

September 8- Epworth
The quiet English countryside and green, rolling hills will delight you as you travel to remote Epworth in the Fen Country. Here Samuel and Susanna Wesley raised their brood of children in the Old Rectory while he served the Parish Church for 39 years. You’ll become familiar with the upbringing and early life of John and Charles Wesley when you visit their childhood home. You’ll see Memorial Church, built with contributions from around the world. Enjoy a worship service with the local people of Epworth. Then visit St. Andrews Church at Epworth.

September 9 – Oxford
Learn about the educational background of the Wesley brothers John, Charles and Samuel, Jr. when you view Christ Church College at Oxford University. Enjoy a scenic drive through the charming villages of the Cotswolds where honey colored cottages cluster together in secluded valleys. You’ll glimpse life as it was in the day of William Shakespeare when you visit his birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon. Not far away, he courted his wife, Anne Hathaway, in the garden of her delightful thatched-roof cottage.

September 10 – Bristol and Bath
In the ancient port city of Bristol, you’ll have a lecture in one of Wesley’s early centers of ministry, the “New Room”. This oldest Methodist building in the world is unusually attractive in its basic simplicity. Then visit the home of Charles Wesley, the famous hymn writer. Bath, a spa town of Roman origin, deserves its name. Since the first century, the warm waters have refreshed and healed. You’ll see the unique Roman baths and enjoy this beautiful city of 18th century streets and quaint shops.

September 11 – London
John Wesley left his mark on the town of London. You’ll have a lecture at City Road Chapel, site of Wesley’s home and grave. Across the street in Bunhill Fields Cemetery, Susanna Wesley is buried along with other famous personages such as John Bunyan and Daniel Defoe. You’ll walk on Aldersgate Street where on May 24, 1738; John Wesley had his “Warming of the Heart” experience. You’ll walk past the entrance of “Little Britain” where Charles Wesley had his conversion experience just three days earlier. Drive by the major city sites such as Marble Arch, Speakers Corner of Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square and much more. Your first view will be of Westminster Abbey where royalty are christened, married and buried. You will visit St. Paul’s Cathedral where John Wesley often worshipped. On the day of his conversion, Wesley came here for an afternoon service and was deeply moved by the choir’s anthem, “Out of the Deep Have I Called Unto Thee, 0 Lord”. Your dinner is on your own this evening.

September 12 – London Free Day
Experience the lifestyle of our British cousins as you explore the vibrant town of London on your own. Go and see the regal adornment of Buckingham Palace. Take a ride on the London Eye. Visit the British Museum and wonder at ancient treasures and works of art. Experience a show in London’s famous West End theater district. Enjoy any of these options or more as you enjoy the sights and sounds of London on your own today. Your dinner is on your own this evening.

September 13 – Return Home