November 18, 2016

If there is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, why not a Giving Tuesday? #GivingTuesday is a one-day annual movement focused on charitableagiving on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.


– Meals for two weeks
– Art supplies for two weeks
– Two field trips

Any size donation makes a difference. Make a donation to Studio 222 by texting #GivingTuesday to 405-252-9393.  Click here to Give now.

It is not just about Art it is about Family

11-5When asked about their experience being a part of Studio 222, the common thread is it feels like family.  The students say they are proud to be part of Studio; a place they feel they are part of a family that provides hope.  In the midst of struggles and pressures at home and school, a safe, positive environment transforms lives.

“When I started Studio I was a little bit of a troublemaker.  I talked a lot in class.  I didn’t really respect people. Studio taught me manners and how to respect people.”  – Marquan

“If I’m having a big life crisis, I can talk to them and they help me figure things out.  It’s my family.” – Raechel

“Studio is a place where I can take off my mask and no one judges me.” – Aiden

“It makes me feel good to finish a piece of art.  It makes me feel like I can do something that someone likes.  I like the friends I’ve made at Studio.” – Jacob

“Life has been a struggle lately.  I used to be so optimistic even though both my parents died with I was young.  School, bills, cars repairs, work – adult stuff is no fun.  I don’t know what I would do without my Studio family and my new mentors.  They have stepped in and helped me with so much.  I only hope I can give back in some way.” – Chaquion

Studio 222 not only makes a difference in the lives of the students but in the lives of those who volunteer and mentor.

10-16“I am constantly in awe of the kids who are a part of this program.  Life is not easy and most adults never in their life face the struggles some are experiencing day to day.  Many are working two jobs while being full-time students in college;others are parents in their household while only teens. Through the years their resiliency is inspiring and only pushes us to provide better and greater opportunities.” – Julie Robinson, Studio 222 Executive Director

“She wanted to celebrate her birthday with me.  I considered it a compliment and we have established a comfortable relationship.” – Susan Browning, Mentor

“He taught me that “Flash Gordon” is not the same character as “The Flash.”  He wore a Flash t-shirt to the Penn Square food court and I said “I love Flash Gordon.”  He looked at me like, ‘what?’ Then he proceeded to tell me all about The Flash.  I feel like my eyes have been opened, and I’ll never be the same.” – Ed Doney, Mentor

“Simply adore her.  I look forward to every time I see her, every text and every call.  I know our relationship is growing.  I think ours will be a lifetime relationship.” – Debbie Bolding, Mentor

About Studio 222

11-1Studio 222 is an afterschool program that works with local school personnel as well as professional artists from the Oklahoma City area in order to provide a positive environment where inner city youth from high-poverty areas can develop a strong, healthy self-esteem and resilience against at-risk behaviors.  This afterschool program provides leadership and character-building programs, visual and performing arts curriculum and physical fitness activities.

Studio 222 began in 2004, focusing on middle school youth at Taft Middle School in the Oklahoma City Public School District. The program runs Monday through Thursday during the school year.  The students are fed a meal upon arrival.  They are then given a brief lesson or activity on leadership.  Monday – Wednesday, professional artists are hired to teach the students everything from photography to painting to computer animation to the culinary arts.  Thursdays are spent on field trips, movies, community service, games and more.

In 2010, a group of former Studio 222 kids asked to extend the middle school program into high school and beyond so Studio Lifetime was created to help guide, encourage and support through the transition into adulthood.  In 2016 a mentoring program began for the Lifetime students giving each of them mentors who offer advice, guidance, love and a listening ear.  Individuals, companies and corporations are invited to be a part of our Resource Network.  The Resource Network supports these students as they enter into adulthood strives to break the cycle of poverty by offering resources at a reduced rate to help ease financial burdens.

Through the years, Studio 222 has helped provide eye appointments and glasses, car repairs, employment, rental assistance, clothing and shoes, coats, prom dresses and tuxes, school supplies and activity fees.  Studio volunteers have also attended meetings with professors, filled out enrollment and application for financial aide to college, supplied tutoring, ACT preparation, counseling services, secured laptops for school, held budgeting and financial classes, and more.

Any size donation makes a difference. Make a donation to Studio 222 by texting #GivingTuesday to 405-252-9393.  Click here to Give now.

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