March 13, 2017

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13

This is my favorite Bible verse. It’s the verse that comes to mind when I can’t go any further. It’s my knot at the end of my rope. But, I’ve had to learn to trust God to provide the strength to tie that knot, to trust Him to make the impossible possible.
I’m not one to learn lessons the easy way. I’m one of those who have had to learn the lesson several different times. I was a single mom of three for just a short time, but it was then I learned hard lessons about impossibilities. Many times, during that time, I found myself looking for strength beyond what I had and asking God for that strength.
I remember when I was newly divorced and looking for an affordable place to live in a safe neighborhood. To most rental agents, three kids meant at least three bedrooms. I couldn’t afford a three-bedroom home! I looked for several weeks and never found anything. I remember sitting in a tiny apartment thinking that I would lose custody of my kids if I couldn’t find a place for us to live. I was at the end of my rope – and I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. It was then God spoke and reminded me of whose strength I needed to rely on. Not mine, but His. It wasn’t long after that God revealed His possibility – a church member contacted me with an offer to rent a small house that she owned. It was small but it became home to a grateful family. God had turned my impossible to His possibility.
As my family got older, my challenges changed. For a time, it was dealing with a busy family with three teenagers and a new marriage! Now, I look for strength to care for aging parents and a special needs daughter. But with each of my struggles, God is always there. I have found out that I can do, but only with God’s strength.
Looking back, I can see the many knots in my rope and I can see where my rope has been frayed and nearly broken. What I have realized is that I can depend on the strength of God – who without fail – succeeds at completing my impossible. He is there during those messy, dirty times in life when it seems like I can’t go any further. He provides the strength to muck through and get on to the other side. God gives me what I need – His love and strength.
If you’re facing an impossible situation, never forget that God’s strength is there for you. Trust in Him to provide a way to put a knot on the end of your rope and give you a way to hold on. His strength and love turns our ‘impossibles’ into His possibilities.
Bev Barnes, Administrative Assistant, Communications Team