June 23, 2017

It’s true – I kissed a pig! This week was Vacation Bible School at St. Luke’s Edmond. Every year at VBS we have a little contest between the boys and the girls. We collect offerings throughout the week to support a local cause that benefits children. This year, all the funds were going to benefit Positive Tomorrows, a school for homeless children in Oklahoma City.

The boys and the girls compete to see who can raise the most money throughout the week. In the end, the girls raised more money and that meant my good friend, Jeff, and I had to kiss a pig. It was slimy and gross, but it was well worth it knowing they had combined to raise over $2,000 for such a great cause and they were already learning the habits of giving back to bless lives.

Afterwards, I was talking to one of the little boys about the competition, and he said, “It’s okay that the boys lost. At least we raised a lot together to help other kids!” It’s a lot easier to say that when he wasn’t the one kissing the pig! However, he was exactly right. We learned this week that together we can do more to make a difference in our world than we can ever do apart. This little boy had the right perspective. Maybe it’s a lesson we could all use in our world today! I pray that you don’t have to kiss a pig to learn this lesson.