About Esther Women

Esther Women is a monthly program tailored for women of faith led by Former Miss America and TV news anchor Jane Jayroe.


With special guests ranging from state leaders to the mothers of NBA superstars, Esther Women is designed to create meaningful dialogue and strengthen fellowship for Christian women as they navigate family, work and spiritual fulfillment.

Esther Women is an expansion of a project Jayroe began more than a decade ago, after she was appointed by then-Gov. Frank Keating to serve as Oklahoma’s Secretary of Tourism and Recreation. Determined to remain grounded in her Christian faith and wanting to share ideas with other women in community leadership roles, Jayroe launched a six-week course at Oklahoma City University. 

Now she is broadening that message to include women of faith from all walks of life.

“The themes of the life of Queen Esther in the Old Testament continue to resonate today for Oklahoma women,” said Jayroe. “Just as this young woman of faith risked everything for others so long ago, God has a purpose for each season of our lives, as well. We bask in the assurance of a God who is involved in this time of life whether it’s on the mountaintop or in the dark valley, whether it’s defined by busyness or boredom. We were created for such a time as this.”

Esther Women luncheons are held at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 222 N.W. 15th St., on the first Wednesday of each month, September through May, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. A season pass is required to enter.  

The luncheons are in the Christian Life Center (CLC) on the south side of the building. Parking is available on N.W. 14th Street. 

Each program will include inspirational music courtesy OCU and St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.

“These luncheons are not about networking or promoting a cause,” Jayroe said. “They are meant to encourage and inspire women who already serve their families and communities and will benefit from this time for themselves. It is about the bonds of friendship and the strengthening of faith.”