Adult Sunday School - Edmond

Any Sunday morning just follow the scent of fresh coffee and the sound of laughter to the small groups that meet around the church. At St. Luke’s Edmond we offer several Sunday School classes that meet throughout the morning. The groups vary by age, stage of life and emphasis of study, but all provide a caring environment for fellowship, learning, prayer and support.

Edmond Sunday School

Sunday Morning Community Group 2
All Ages | Room 133
This group is a multi-generational group of all ages – couples and singles. This group meets in Room 133 on Sunday mornings at 9:30. Contact Cara Nicklas at for more information.

Sunday Morning Community Group 3
50+ | Room 133
This group is open to all couples, age 50+. This group meets in Room 133 on Sunday mornings at 10:45. Contact Jill Fant at for more information.

Sunday Morning Community Group 5
20s & 30s | Room 107
This group is open to all couples age 25-39. This group meets in Room 107 on Sunday mornings at 10:15. Contact Morgan Green at for more information.


Adult Sunday School - Downtown

Any Sunday morning just follow the scent of fresh coffee and the sound of laughter to the small groups that meet around the church. At St. Luke’s we offer 30 Sunday School classes that meet at 9:40 and 10:50 a.m. The groups vary by age, stage of life and emphasis of study, but all provide a caring environment for fellowship, learning, prayer and support.

Downtown Sunday School

8:30 CLASS

All Ages | Room 200
Get up with the sun to study with us about the Son each week. Join us for an in-depth Biblical study taught by Rev. Drew Haynes each week at 8:30 a.m. in the Parlor.


30 to 40 | Room 224
This class is a mixture of singles, couples and couples with children in their late 20s to 30s. The class curriculum is varied but always seeks to help class members grow in our faith.

All Ages | Room 120 – Parlor
This is a class open to couples of all ages. The class enjoys Biblically based studies from highly knowledgeable teachers.

55 and older | Room 205
The class is a diverse mixture of couples and singles who support several community projects. The main source of this aid is cash raised by monthly pot-luck dinners held at members’ homes, on a volunteer basis. Sunday school subjects are as diverse as the members’ imaginations, ranging from Chaos Theory to “The Life and Times of Constantine.”

50 and older | Room 202
This class for singles and couples features lessons on subjects from Biblical studies to current events. The class works on several mission projects throughout the year.

Clergy Connection
All Ages | Room 206
This class is for singles and couples of all ages and features lessons from a different minister each month.

20s and 30s | Room 200
This class is an eclectic group of couples and singles who are like an extended family. The lessons each Sunday are highly discussion oriented. All are welcome!

30s and 40s | Room 208
This fun and relaxed class for young adults includes couples and couples with children. Class members lead lessons in a discussion format that features many laughs and inspiring spiritual discussions about our faith and the scripture as it relates to everyday life issues.

50 and older | Room 207
The Genesis class is comprised of both couples and single adults. The class primarily discusses how our Christian faith impacts and defines our lives in the world.

Intergenerational | Room 225
The Insight class is focused on understanding how to live the Christian faith in today’s world. Using materials from Biblical and Theological writers, both traditional and contemporary, the class explores our understanding of what we believe and why. The class is loosely structured and most class-time is spent in study and discussion.

Open View
40s and older | Library in the Mansion at St. Luke’s
This class is a group of open-minded adults (couples and singles), who are willing to express our interpretation of various topics of discussion. A small and informal group, discussion-oriented classes are facilitated by class members. Topics are varied and include speakers, video, and Bible studies, using art and music.

New Beginnings
All Ages | Room 201
Class membership is open to singles and couples of all ages.  The class is typically lecture format with time for questions, answers and discussion.  Topics selected include Bible Study, issues in the Methodist church, and religiously themed books.  The actual topics are determined by the interests of the class but also the expertise and interests of the speakers.

40 and Up | Room 134
The Pathfinders include couples, families with children and single adults. Class lessons vary each week and members enjoy group discussions on the application of Bible-based teachings to our daily lives.

All Ages | Room 204
This class is an intergenerational group of married couples and singles. They learn and grow through open discussion about the church and bible and how it applies to them today in our daily lives. Shalom participate in service projects, social activities and other opportunities to develop meaningful relationships.

Multi-generational (40s to 80s) | Room 106 – Vaught Chapel
Multi-generational (40s to 80s), multi-racial class, focused on Bible study and discussion. We have a great time together and are eager to learn from one another. Anyone is welcome!

50 and older | Room 222
The Unity Class is diverse in their beliefs and is mainly a discussion group. The class typically sponsors projects for Skyline Urban Ministry, McKee Center, the Shelter for Homeless Women and other projects. The class welcomes singles or couples.

Upper Room
50 and older | Room 130
This class is an active, energetic and committed group involved in the music ministry, Mobile Meals and Studio 222. The flexible curriculum, though Bible-based, is chosen for its relevance and to encourage class discussion. The Upper Room is a group of singles and couples with a wide range of ages and diverse backgrounds.

All Ages | 209
The Wesley Class, comprised of couples and singles, is actively involved in many areas of the church and community. Lessons include Bible studies, current events and cultural interest as they apply to our faith. The class participates in a variety of mission projects, including cooking for mobile meals once every other month.


40s and 50s | Room 134
St. Luke’s Afterglow class was founded a few years ago as a way to help heighten and enhance the elation and joy experienced during the Sunday morning LifeLight worship service. We are a “young” class of 40-60 something year olds! We have wonderful, insightful and fun discussions that challenge us to grow in our faith. We welcome anyone and any age to join us!

All Ages | Room 106 – Vaught Chapel
LifeQuest promotes the process of growth in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and invites curiosity, exploration and evaluation. The class is young in spirit, varied in age and genuine in desire to study the Word of God. The class shows God’s love to others by participating in community projects such as Skyline Ministries and supporting our church as hosts for LifeLight worship services.

All Ages | Room 202
The Perspectives Class is a group of LifeLight attendees who enjoy a discussion based, informal, small group setting. The class objective is to practice living a better life through Jesus Christ. Class criteria are varied, from watching inspirational movies to having a pastoral staff member lead the class.